Here you will find a common list of ShroudXnode statuses, their descriptions, and recommended solutions to fix them.
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Usually this should resolve itself, it should switch to ENABLED after about 30 minutes. You will typically see this after you first setup your ShroudXnode. The first sync can take a while because it re-downloads all data like historical payments and re-verifies them.

Also check out the latest updates from ShroudX on Github. You may need an update. If you are using Sentinel it can also occasionally mean Sentinel isn’t properly running on your masternode server.


ShroudXnodes running on old protocol versions require a restart sometimes. Unfortunately with this error you can’t preserve your place in the reward queue. If you’ve been seeing this error for a while you’ll need to do a restart of your node.

To fix this, go to the Shroudnodes tab in your QT wallet and click on Start all to start your ShroudXnode.

Note: if you see the message “Successfully started 0 Shroudnodes, failed to start 1” you should try restarting your wallet, wait until it is synced with the network and then try unlocking your wallet with your password before clicking the Start all button again in the Shroudnodes tab.


You could see this status when you first setup your ShroudXnode. Ensure you start your MN from the Shroudnodes tab in your local QT wallet by pressing the Start all button.

Also ensure you correctly installed and started your ShroudXnode on your VPS. Also the ShroudXnode install script you are using may have been outdated (check Github for an update), or the blockchain on the VPS may still need to sync.

Occasionally ShroudXnodes also need a simple restart in order to bypass this status.

sudo reboot


Try restarting your ShroudXnode from your local QT wallet. Navigate to the Shroudnodes tab and click on Start all to start your ShroudXnode.


If your server can’t be reached the status will show EXPIRED. Ensure you have opened up right port in your firewall.

sudo ufw allow 42998

You should then restart your node from your local QT wallet by navigating to the Shroudnodes tab and click on Start all.

If that produces an error you should also confirm that your server node daemon is running. Occasionally your Linux wallet will need to be updated to the latest version, or your server daemon will need a restart.


This status simply means that no new ping has been sent by the ShroudXnode since you started it back up. You have to give it about 10–20 minutes to be recognized by the network. 

Just leave your ShroudXnode running and you should should be good to go.